The B Side 21 – Nice western restaurant

It was 10am something in the morning while I was preparing to go out today, he called me and asked if I have recovered from my sickness. The reason he called me was because yesterday he had a birthday gathering and invited me, however I couldn’t attend due to my flu which made me suffered since last week, I have been feeling dizzy so I told him that I couldn’t attend but I am going to treat him today.

After I settled my personal matters around 12pm in the afternoon, I called him up to ask where he was at that time, got a reply from him that he was on the way going to the restaurant. Good mama, I gotta be fast so he wouldn’t wait long.

This is how the restaurant looks like.

The B Side 21

The foods we ordered

Rib-Eye Steak
Soft Shell Crab Pasta

The Rib-Eye steak was served 100% although I have requested that I wanted 70% done, but the taste was still not too bad. The mash potato are bottom the meat, it was sweet. The portion wasn’t too big however I am sure you will feel full. The soft shell crab pasta is recommended, portion is big, I liked it so much.


The first post

This was our first trip and it was 2 pair of couples, we went to Yokohama the place where Kaori was born and raised. It was a fun trip and everyone had fun, we first arrived in the train station then boarded to a ferry that it took us to another port. Arghh, I am too tired now and couldn’t continue blogging.

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